From times immemorial, natural stones have been utilized to enliven living surroundings. Natural stones like marble and granite have since long been the artisanís delight to transform huge edifices into masterpieces of human perseverance and architectural brilliance.

Started off in 1998, Bright Marble & Granites has been fuelling the demand for quality floor and wall tiles in Trichy and the entire state of TamilNadu. From the industrial hubs of Coimbatore to the shores of Kanyakumari, our flawless collection of tiles and slabs have been the pride of many residential and commercial structures.

For more than 15 years, BRIGHT MARBLE & GRANITES has been synonymous with grandeur, opulence and splendor.

Our uncompromising accent on quality, our competitive price tags, and the widest range of choices make us the natural choice to cater to your requirements.

Walk into our showroom. We will be pleased to interact with you.

We have extended our product line, and forayed into some of the leading brands. Our exclusive showroom is located adjacent to our Marble and Granite office on Salai Road.


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